Dolomite Alpha Advanced Rollator

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INV 12230-35-01

C/S: $242.25 - Armtrough

C/S:$294.75 - Platform


C175 x 2

  • May charge each arm under C175 for AADL (upg 0.00)
  • Designed specifically for users that have to deal with the added complexity of walking with arthritic or stroke conditions
  • The unique, adjustable forearm supports and braking system allow for maximum stability with minimum braking effort
  • Frame construction maximizes stability and encourages proper posture and balance
  • Forearm supports adjust in angle, width and depth
  • Individually adaptable handgrip can be adjusted in height and laterally in angle
  • Unique brake grip is extremely easy to use and allows for limited hand dexterity
  • Platform support available

Alpha Advance 12220-35-01

Alpha Basic 12230-35-01

Dist. btwn rear wheels 22”
Handle height min/max frame 37½”-47½”
Handle height min/max platform 38½”-48½”
Width btwn handles 14”-17”
Seat height 25½”
Overall dimensions 26” x 27½”
Unit weight 28.5 lbs
Weight capacity 275 lbs