Evolution Xpresso Lite Cable-Free Walker

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The Xpresso Lite Cable-Free, along with all Evolution walkers, was designed to be the strongest and most lightweight frame of all the center folding walkers on the market today.

With cable-free brakes, a center folding seat and a durable folding basket, the Xpresso Lite Cable-Free folds easily and compact.


Innovative Design  Roman arch provides support & stability
Seat  Center folding durable waterproof covered foam cushion
Brake System  Cable-free / Easy to adjust
Collapsible Basket  Foldable & removable
Wheels  Solid grip / Longer lasting polyurethane
Colors  Black, Azure Blue, Red, and Silver
Padded Backrest Included


    Mini Regular  Tall
    Handle Height 30.5"-33" 30.5"-34.5" 33.5"-40"
    Seat Height 18" 21" 24"
    Weight 15 lbs 15 lbs 15 lbs
    Width Length 22.5"x26" 22.5"x26" 22.5"x26"
    Seating width 18" 18" 18"
    Weight capacity 350 lbs 350 lbs 350 lbs




    • Cup Holder
    • Cane Holder 
    • Curb Climber
    • Slow Down Brakes