With our extensive selection of equipment Healthcare Solutions has been one of Alberta’s major ADL suppliers for over 25 years. We strive to provide health professionals with the most accurate ADL equipment catalogue and in our current, high-demand environment we recognized a need for innovation.

Enter adlequipment.com – a completely custom ADL website, exclusive to Healthcare Solutions – that allows you to source and order equipment for your clients faster and more accurately than ever before. Shop by product number, category, or brand, and place your order using our secure checkout without ever picking up the phone.

Unlike Any Other

The most accurate, interactive AADL catalogue around – down to the very colour, striking visuals of every available product by number, category, or brand are at your fingertips.

Instant Access Day & Night

Register for a private account one time only for unlimited access and orders, any time, anywhere you have internet access, on any device.

No More Wondering If Fulfilled

Receive instant emailed updates for every order at every stage of our process. We will email or phone you in the event of a shortage to suggest a appropriate substitute if required.

High Security

All data is encrypted using SSL 256-bit technology keeping you and your clients’ information strictly confidential in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

How it works

After receiving your log in information, you will have access to view and purchase every item you would normally see in our physical catalogue.

The process is simple.

  1. Add the products you want for your client to your cart;
  2. Check out using our secure form; enter your client’s information as the Billing Address and use any Shipping Address you want;
  3. That’s it – your order will now be processed;
  4. Kindly fax or mail us our copy of the 1250 form when you’re back in the office.

Place as many consecutive orders as you need and please, call us if you have any questions; we want to make your experience as seamless as possible!

Check Out Tips:

Treat the checkout just as you would when buying from any online store.

  • Shipping Addresscan be your facility address or the client’s home address. You can add new addresses by selecting "New Address".
  • Select the shipment option: shipping is always free. 
  • Billing Addressis always the client’s address and information. Select “New Address” for every new client so you can enter their information. 

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to comand click on the “Account Request” link in the menu bar or under the Login box;
  2. Fill the form in and click submit.

Allow one business day for us to approve your account; we will send you a link to create a password.

If you forget your password at any time, click on the “Forgot your password?” link under the Login box and an email will be sent to you immediately to re-set it.


Let us know what you think! We made this website for you; we welcome feedback to make your experience better.

The Healthcare Solutions Team

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