Evolution Forearm Platform

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  • Includes forearm platform, extension arms, brake handles, cables and cable sleeves
  • Walker not included
  • 1.5" thick padded cushion for extra comfort
  • Brake the walker without having to lift forearm from the platform
  • Adjustable Platform height, depth, and brake handle depth can be easily adjusted 
  • Available for the Evolution series
  • Mono brake available as well as slow down brakes

Evolution Regular or Wide

  • Max Platform Height: 51"
  • Max Platform Height: 41"

Evolution Low or Low-Wide

  • Max Platform Height: 48"
  • Max Platform Height: 41"


Overall Platform Width 26"
Overall Platform Depth 15"
Platform Cutout Width 14"
Platform Cutout Depth 9"
Platform Weight 13 lbs