Handicare Gemino 30 Walker

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HAN 7100020

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C175 x 2

New Gemino 30 Walker

Rollators providing excellent support and stability – ideal for walking training. Gemino is very easy to operate by the user and height adjustment is performed without use of any tools. Anatomically designed handgrips with brakes make the rollator and brakes easy to operate. Full range of functional accessores. Gemino 30 Walker is recommended for people from 59" to 79" tall, weighing up to 330 lbs.


Height 30 Total length 65 cm Total width 60 cm Width between handles 47 cm Seat height 62 cm User weight 150 kg Weight of rollator 7,1 kg

38" - 45"





330 lbs

20 lbs

Medium 33"-39" 25" 24" 9" 21" 287 lbs 20 lbs
Gemino Walker grip

Correct position for walking

The unique and very stable design ensures that you can walk securely in all settings. The forearm supports can be easily adjusted for height, position and angle to suit the individual user. The brake and pushing handles are integrated into the forearm supports and are designed to be comfortable and easy to use.
Gemino height adjustment handle

Easy to adjust

Correct height adjustment of the rollator is important for achieving the best upright walking position. Height adjustment is performed without use of any tools; pull out the handle, make the adjustment, release the handle. The push handle height is automatically and safely locked in the chosen position (Patent pending).
Gemino 30 Walker folded

Easy to transport

Low weight, only 15 lbs and small external dimensions when folded make Gemino easy to transport. Gemino has a self-locking folding mechanism that works in both folded and unfolded position (Patent pending).

Easy to operate

With its stable and firm construction, Gemino increases mobility and encourages activity. The seat sling is a mesh design, making it easy to see when you walk. The angle, width and depth of the underarm supports can be adjusted to the stature and needs of the person using the rollator. The underarm support is comfortable and the ergonomically formed brake grip is easy to use.

Gemino rear wheels

Easy maintenance and reuse

All surfaces are smooth and therefore easy to clean. The seat sling is made of plastic and dries quickly after cleaning. Full range of functional accessories.