Hoyer HML400 Bathing Sling, Nylon Mesh

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JOE 50023

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Note: This product can only be ordered as a trial for assessment. If it is not for assessment then please order through AADL.

Hoyer Slings Chart PDF

Hoyer has been making slings, the all important patient interface, for over 60 years, when Ted Hoyer first developed and marketed the technology for people like himself who needed assistance with transfer. Hoyer slings are designed to be effective, yet comfortable without compromise to resident safety. Hoyer slings are tested to the highest global standards, EN ISO 10535, and are CE marked. Hoyer Classic slings are designed for the Hoyer legacy lifts and come in 6 different types and over 20 configurations. Sling choices are designed to address basic lift/transfer, hygiene and toileting.